Welcome to the Laredo's Professional Wushu Academy

We are the only profesional Wushu school in the United States. Our school teaches Acrobatics, Competitive Sport Fighting (Sanshou), Forms, Weapons, Self-defense, and much more. Our Instructors are fully certified and have competed professionally at International and World competition as part of both the US and Mexico Wushu Team.

We have the highest quality training areas, professional equipment used in international competitions. Both taolu (forms) and sanshou (fight). Laredo's Professional Wushu Academy, it's the only school in America that carries certified professional martial arts equipment, this includes: Professional training floors, fighting equipment, uniforms, weapons, matts, pads, etc.

Why practice wushu?

Wushu will help you to get better balance, strength, flexibility, coordination, reflexes, stamina and more. You will find many stances that help to build every single muscle of your body like legs, abdominal area, thank to the necessity to hold the wushu poses. Also, you would be able to build your arms, chest, and back when you start to practice with weapons.

You will find how bid the demand is to you, why because you going to be able to make you stronger every day. Wushu (TAOLU or SANDA) helps to be focus and let the stress out of your mind.

Come and be part of our Martial Arts Family! Jiayo!